Garda Vetting

What is Garda Vetting?

Garda Vetting is a process for parents and Transition Year students who have reached the age of 16 and are under 18 years of age and are applying to work with young children or vulnerable adults via work experience placement, volunteering or coaching (e.g. GAA)

Stage Action Required by Action Required
1 Parent/Guardian AND student Parent/Guardian completes NVB 3 Form.

Student completes NVB 1 Form. (FILL in Electronic Version as it allows you to type in; Please PRINT when completed)

Both forms to be fully completed as per “Guidelines sheet” and sent to school when the student reaches 16 and if applying for work placement involving relevant work or activities with children or vulnerable persons.

N.B. Student must return form to school office.


2 School School checks form and confirm applicant’s identity and current address.

School retains proof of current address on applicant’s file.

School completes and signs Confirmation Form (Mr McKenna).

School submits NVB 1, NVB 3 Forms and Confirmation Form to Management body (ACCS) School retains a copy of all documents on file.

3 ACCS (Management body for PSN) ACCS will generate an e-mail to the applicant via the parent e-mail address and enable the applicant to complete the process online.

4 Parent/Guardian Parent/Guardian regularly checks e-mail address as declared on NVB 1 Form.

N.B. Please note that the invitation will be generated from the following e-mail address On receipt of the e-mail student and parent / guardian proceed by entering parent e-mail address and student date of birth.

This is the e-mail address you provided on the NVB 1 Form. Complete the online form as directed.

N.B. There is a timeline within which this action is to be completed, otherwise the vetting request will expire and the whole process will have to be started again from stage 1.

5 ACCS (Management body for PSN) The Management Body (ACCS) will review the form and if completed correctly will submit to the NVB (National Vetting Bureau) for processing. If incorrectly completed ACCS will cancel and re-send the invitation to the parent email address.

The NVB will process the application and forward a Vetting Disclosure to ACCS.

ACCS will e-mail the outcome of the Vetting Disclosure to the Principal at a dedicated e-mail address provided to ACCS by the Principal. .

6 School School Principal will download the Vetting Disclosure and share the outcome with the applicant and keep it on file in a secure location.

School will organise a Joint Agreement with the relevant organisation (work placement)

7 Parent OR Student Supplies the Joint Agreement to his/her work placement.

Download forms here